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I am an attorney with a disability. I devote a significant part of my law practice to employment and benefit issues that affect disabled individuals and military veterans (including disabled veterans). I also counsel and advise small employers who are serious about attracting, retaining and advancing disabled employees and veterans in their workforce.

In the past several years, there have numerous changes in the law, both at the federal and state levels, that directly effect disabled individuals, military veterans and their employers. This new legal landscape is challenging for both the individual employee and the employer. In many instances, the employee and the employer both want to do the right thing, but the confusing web of laws frustrates their good intentions. In other instances, lack of training, ignorance or reckless wrongdoing is at work. Without legal counsel, navigating this new minefield can be an exercise in frustration.

As an attorney with a disability and with numerous military family members and friends, I have a particularly personal interest in this area of the law. My intense personal interest, coupled with 16 years of experience in employment law, plus 3 years of experience as an investigator with the federal government have put me in a sound position to help guide you through this minefield. Please take a moment to review my Bio page and the Disability or Veterans pages, as may be pertinent to your situation, and contact me at your earliest convenience

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A note about this website. The central focus of my law practice is the employment relationship. My practice focuses on several distinct aspects of the employment relationship. Rather than describing all of my services in distinct practice areas in a single lengthy and cluttered website, I have created three smaller, more focused websites devoted to each of the three areas in which I practice (of which this is one such website). To access my other related websites and learn more about my practice, please click on the following link to my main website:

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